Private Chef Services

Private Chef:Whether you appreciate high-quality meator a vegan who enjoys colorful organicfruits and veggies, or simply want to savoroutstanding local and authentic flavors, weare very interested in hearing from you.

Now is the time to hire a private chef duringyour stay in the villa! A personal chef iseager to provide you with an unforgettableexperience.While you relax and spend the day withyour loved ones, a professional chef willcome to your home and offer his or herservices.

Create a meal plan with oneof our partners-chefs based on youreating preferences and his or her culinaryrecommendations, and reserve it for a fewdays or even the entire duration of yourtrip.

Take advantage of your free time byenjoying the complete services of a PrivateChef!Private

Indulge in the perfect blend of deliciouscocktails and mouth-watering finger foodswith a professional catering service!
Ourpartners-skilled mixologists will createcocktails tailored to your preferences, usingonly the finest ingredients.
To complementyour drinks, they offer a range of delectablefinger foods, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

*Feel free to ask us to provide you with all the menus